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Club Memorabilia - Ashfield Football Club

I received an E-Mail from Bill Clark, lifelong Scottish Football Supporter who now lives in British Columbia, Canada - some 60 miles North East of Vancouver advising that his Late Father Willie Clark used to play for Ashfield in 1913 and had gone on to play for the Scotland Junior Team that year. As such Bill still held onto this Cap for all these years, arranging for it to be placed in an engraved glass case for preservation along with his War record which was presented to him by the Colonel of the 15th Battalion of the HLI, however after discussion with his family now wanted to give this as a gift to Ashfield Football Club .

Postal arrangements were made and the Cap in its presentation case made the journey by Sea plane initially to Vancouver and then 6,000 miles onwards. The parcel took over 5/6 weeks to arrive and Bill and I kept in close contact. Bill has since been a regular visitor to the Ashfield Website and keeps up to date with the scores on a Saturday and Wednesday basis, reading the Match Reports and viewing the video action. 

The Cap arrived during the COVID Pandemic and the Football `shut down` so it was finally great to show the Cap to the Management and fellow Committee Members before yesterday`s Match. It was even better to finally photograph the Cap with two of the current Ashfield Team, Sean Doherty and Colin Leverage and in this regard I append below the Photographs. I would like to thank Bill again for this lovely gift to the Club and we value your continued support from a far.

Ewan Murray

Ashfield Football Club

Pic Cap 5_edited.jpg
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