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Chairman and Treasurer:- Thomas Robertson

Club Secretary:- Jim Broadfoot

Committee Members & Academy Coaches:-:- Iain Gray, Kieran Dougan & Cammy Gordon

Groundsman:- Jim McIlroy

Website & Social Media:- Ewan Murray and Derek Johnston.

Physio(s):- Sharon Knox and Jim Mooney - J & S Sports Physio(s):- 07557-674487 & 07521-906946 0

Kitman:- David Chalmers

Committee Member(s):- Paul Shevlin, Kevin Gilchrist, Ewan Murray, David Chalmers and Nicky Hughes.

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Club Honours

Scottish Junior Cup Winners:- 1893-94, 1894-95,1904-05,1909-10

Scottish Junior Cup Runners Up -1913-14,1920-21

West of Scotland Junior Cup Winners1927-28,1928-29

Central Junior Football League Champions:- 1952-53,1954-55

West SuperLeague First Division Winners :- 2010-2011

Central Division Two Winners 1990-91, 2006-07
Central League C Division 1968-69

Evening Times Cup Winners  2011-12

Scottish Intermediate Football League Winners :- 1928-29

Glasgow Junior Cup:- 1893-94,1905-06,1906-07,1907-08,1908-09,1909-10,1914-15,1925-26,1951-52,1952-53,1962-63

Glasgow Dryburgh Cup:- 1926-27,1928-29,1946-47,1952-53, 1962-63

Glasgow Junior Football League Winners:- 1905-06,1906-07,1907-08,1908-09, 1909-10,1920-21




Manager:- Michael Oliver

Assistant Manager:- Jamie Broadfoot

Goalkeeper Coach:- Cammy Gordon

Coaches:- Iain Gray & Kieran Dougan

Physio(s):- Sharon Knox and Jim Mooney - J & S Sports Physio(s):- 07557-674487 & 07521-906946

Jim and Shaz.jpg


Welcome to the Ashfield Football & Athletic Club Website. Ashfield are one of the oldest Scottish Junior Football Clubs in Scotland, established in 1886 and are the first Junior Team to win 100 Trophies.Our home has been Saracen Park, Glasgow since 1937 and is one of the few Junior Grounds to have a Stand. The Ground has recently been renamed the `Peugeot` Ashfield Stadium . Please have a look around this site, we hope you enjoy it!


Ewan Murray / Derek Johnston,

Ashfield Football Club,

Peugeot Ashfield Stadium,

404 Hawthorn Street, Glasgow G22 6RU

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