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Club Secretary and Treasurer:- Thomas Robertson

Committee Members & Academy Coaches:-:- David Currie, Danny McHugh and Kevin Gilchrist

Groundsman:- Jim McIlroy

Website & Social Media:- Ewan Murray

Kitman:- Brian McIlroy

Committee Member:- Alan Caulfield

Club Honours

Scottish Junior Cup Winners:- 1893-94, 1894-95,1904-05,1909-10

Scottish Junior Cup Runners Up -1913-14,1920-21

West of Scotland Junior Cup Winners1927-28,1928-29

Central Junior Football League Champions:- 1952-53,1954-55

West SuperLeague First Division Winners :- 2010-2011

Central Division Two Winners 1990-91, 2006-07
Central League C Division 1968-69

Evening Times Cup Winners  2011-12

Scottish Intermediate Football League Winners :- 1928-29

Glasgow Junior Cup:- 1893-94,1905-06,1906-07,1907-08,1908-09,1909-10,1914-15,1925-26,1951-52,1952-53,1962-63

Glasgow Dryburgh Cup:- 1926-27,1928-29,1946-47,1952-53, 1962-63

Glasgow Junior Football League Winners:- 1905-06,1906-07,1907-08,1908-09, 1909-10,1920-21




Player/Manager:- Paul Maxwell

Assistant Manager:- Ryan Cairley

Coaches:- James Smith & Robert Halliday

Goalkeeper Coach:- Ryan Dakhill

Physio:- Robert Fairfield


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